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Lighted Ear Wax Remover

This little tool is a MUST-HAVE for people whose rabbits have trouble cleaning their own ears. This includes rabbits with arthritis in their back legs, amputees, and head-tilt rabbits.

The gentle "cup" that goes into the rabbit's ear, LIGHTS UP (!) so you can see exactly what you're doing without trying to hold another light! -- US Orders Only

Colorado - 6.95 + 0.57 tax + 2.50 shipping =$10.02
Out-of-State - 6.95 + 2.50 shipping =$9.45

Tune-Up Kit

Even bunnies need the occasional "tune-up." This kit includes everything you need to get the job done.

Nail clippers, comb, styptic powder, digital thermometer, and curved-end syringe (for applying aloe vera into scent pockets), as well as a handy checklist to make sure you don't forget anything!

US Orders Only

Colorado - 44.00 + 3.63 tax + 5.50 shipping =$53.13
Out-of-State - 44.00 + 5.50 shipping =$49.50

Myristol Pellets

Myristol is great for rabbits showing decreased mobility because of joint paint and arthritis. Specifically formulated for animals, Myristol contains four major active ingredients that have individually shown benefit in supporting joint health.

Give a three-finger pinch of Myristol twice daily. Bag contains 2 ounces of pellets.

Please e-mail for international shipping & handling prices BEFORE placing your order for Myristol.

Colorado - 5.00 + 0.41 tax + 3.25 shipping =$8.66
Out-of-State - 5.00 + 3.25 shipping =$8.25

Syringe: Feeding

A syringe with an opening large enough to use when feeding Critical Care or Angelís Mush to bunns in compromised health. Be sure to always have at least one of these on hand, you never know when you will need it.

US Orders Only

Colorado - 4.00 + 0.33 tax + 2.50 shipping =$6.83
Out-of-State - 4.00 + 2.50 shipping =$6.50

Comfort Harness and Leash - Medium

The Comfort Harness and Leash are designed with lightweight mesh material and durable cotton cloth to conform to the contour of your bunny's body. Plus, the unique combination of Velcro closures and the quick snap buckle reduces the chances of accidental escapes.

(Medium) -- US Orders Only

Colorado - 9.75 + 0.79 tax + 4.00 shipping =$14.54
Out-of-State - 9.75 + 4.00 shipping =$13.75

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